Miami Marathon 2013 – Race Report

Marathons: Paul #19, Leah #9, State #5 : Miami Marathon 2013
27th January 2013, Miami, Florida, USA
Finish Time = 3:55:37

Back after the Christmas break of indulgence it was time to kick our goal into gear. I had earned a Southwest Companion Pass from my weekly 3,500 mile roundtrips for work which meant anywhere I flew to Leah could fly for free, and I had air miles to spend.

We went down to hot and sunny Florida for a marathon in Miami. I had bought Leah an Illiotibial Band Knee Strap which through a lot of trial and error had been the only thing I had found which eased my knee pain back when I had issues. As a side note, she also now swears by them and to this day runs marathons with one on each leg as a preventative.

Although it was hot, we enjoyed the run through Miami and although Leah’s knee did hurt at one point we stopped, she adjusted the band to a better position and she was fine after that.

Fire Fighter Awesomeness

We all know that fire fighters are awesome. We trust them with our lives. It turns out you can also trust them with marathon race course provisions. We ran by aid station that the Miami fire brigade had set up and the fireman were handing out small cups of… iced coffee. It was genius. I can’t believe no-one had thought about this in a marathon before, caffeine and a cold drink, what more could you want on a hot day during a race. After running past and grabbing a cup, we seriously considered going back on ourselves to get more. We had some minutes to spare. In fact I considered forgetting the marathon altogether and spending the rest of the day there drinking iced coffee, it was that good.

We finished in 3:55 and as a tribute to our surprise wedding dance, we did a Gangnam Style finish pose across the line.

Gangnam Style finish

Gangnam Style finish

Elevation Graph from my running watch:


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