2008 – 2010

The Years in Summary

These years were filled with highs and lows for me as far as marathoning and training. I tend to focus on the highs. 2008 was the year it all started. I ran my first ever marathon, achieving something I never thought I would, as would you believe it, I thought I hated running. I ran a sub 4, just, the year after as well as a second marathon within a month. The year after that I ran a double (ultra) marathon of 52.4 miles, as well as a World Marathon Major at Berlin and finished off with a new continent running my first marathon in North America. I thought it was going to be my one and only opportunity to run a marathon in America, how wrong could I have been?

Races and Individual Reports

For the 2008 – 2010 races, I used to keep a “running diary” where I would write about the races, without the intention of ever publishing any of the content. I used this to create the reports for these runs and have tried to adapt (and cut down) the entries into a more compact account for each, leaving out unnecessary detail. The focus of my writing at the time was mainly on my experience during the events rather than the course or event itself.

Marathon #1 : London Marathon 2008
13th April 2008, London, UK
5 hours 27 minutes

Marathon #2 : London Marathon 2009
26th April 2009, London, UK
3 hours 59 minutes

Marathon #3 : Edinburgh Marathon 2009
31st May 2010, Edinburgh, Scotland
4 hours 12 minutes

Marathon #4 : London Marathon 2010
25th April 2010, London, UK
4 hours 13 minutes

Marathon #5 : The 50 Mile Challenge 2010 (A Double Marathon / 52.4 mile Ultra-Marathon)
18th July 2010, Canterbury, Kent, UK
13 hours 1 minute

Marathon #6 : Berlin Marathon 2010
26th September 2010, Berlin, Germany
4 hours 9 minutes

Marathon #7 : Denver Marathon 2010
17th October 2010, Denver, Colorado, USA
3 hours 59 minutes