The Year in Summary

I didn’t run under 4 hours once in 2011 but I still had some great experiences. I completed “The Highest Paved Marathon in the US” at 8,150 feet above sea level, I took Leah through her first marathon and we ran a World Marathon Major together, the Chicago Marathon. To top off the year I managed to add another continent to my list by running the Singapore marathon while living there for 5 months for work.

Races and Individual Reports

Unfortunately in 2011 I stopped updating my running diary, so I don’t have much content for the reports on these races. I have pulled together some brief descriptions and pictures though. The exception is Singapore which, even though was now 3 years ago, I wrote from the deep memories still embedded after the experience!

Marathon #8 : London Marathon 2011
17th April 2011, London, UK
4 hours 13 minutes

Marathon #9 : Estes Park Marathon 2011
12th June 2011, Estes Park, Colorado, USA
4 hours 38 minutes

Marathon #10, State #1 : Boulder Marathon 2011
5th September 2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA
4 hours 55 minutes

Marathon #11, State #2 : Chicago Marathon 2011
9th October 2011, Chicago, Illinois, USA
4 hours 28 minutes

Marathon #12 : Singapore Marathon 2011
4th December 2011, Singapore
5 hours 6 minutes