Denver Marathon 2012 – Race Report

Marathons: Paul #16, Leah #6 : Denver Marathon 2012
22nd September 2012, Denver, Colorado, USA
Finish Time (Leah) = 3:55:59
Finish Time (Paul) = 4:08:00

Although I had run this event back in 2010, Leah hadn’t and as a native of Denver it seemed a shame if she didn’t run the Denver Marathon. I told her if she wanted to do it I would run it again too and so we went ahead and entered.

I was suffering from a bit of a foot injury which made it a painful run and fairly early on Leah sped on ahead. A lot of the time I could see her up front on various parts of the course but she kept up her pace and maintained a distance ahead. It wasn’t to be my race and in a student-beats-the-master type of theme, she hit another sub 4, crossing the line in 3:55 where as I had to settle for a 4:08, slower than when I had last run the race 2 years ago.

I was happy for her and glad we had run the race in her home city.


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