Colfax Marathon 2012 – Race Report

Marathons: Paul #14, Leah #4 : Colfax Marathon 2012
20th May 2012, Denver, Colorado, USA
Finish Time (Paul) = 3:53:27
Finish Time (Leah) = 4:00:11

Just under a month after London we decided to enter Colfax back in Denver. Leah was determined to beat her 4:28 times at Chicago and London and wanted to get a sub 4. We were going to run together but when the race started she sped off at record pace. There was no way I wanted to run that fast so I settled into my own rhythm.

While feeling good

While feeling good

I didn’t see Leah again until I came across her at mile 18, she had slowed down and was struggling. I was feeling great though and running a good race. I tried to be encouraging as I ran by but I think with her struggles it made it worse to see me just zip on and keep going. She said she tried to keep up with me to get her pace back but couldn’t.

Scenic Colfax Avenue... like this Bail Bonds place... hmm

Scenic Colfax Avenue… like this Bail Bonds place…

I felt strong the whole way and even in the last 6 miles kept running and powered through. I crossed the line with a new PR / PB of 3:53. I couldn’t believe it. After 15 marathons it was only my 3rd sub 4 and I had beaten my best time from 3 years ago. I couldn’t have been more happy, except that I then stood anxiously at the finish line watching the clock and hoping to see Leah coming along too.



She wasn’t far behind me but far enough that it mattered. She had hit the wall with the finish line in sight and physically couldn’t get herself to move. She ended crossing the line in 4:00:11, just 12 seconds short of achieving a sub 4. It’s a time she still agonizes over today even though she’s obliterated it since.

I think we both learned that consistent pacing across all of the miles really does pay off.

Eventually, some finish line smiles

Eventually, some finish line smiles


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