Fall Classic Loveland Marathon – September 2015


After returning from a holiday/vacation the night before, we realised we could fit in a marathon the very next morning. So why not?! We signed up last minute for another repeat State. We ended up missing the start, running off into the mountains in the dark and we had our bag lost with our car keys. Drama from beginning to end but looking back on it we can laugh… now. Race report online here.

Aruba Turibana 10k – September 2015


We couldn’t go on holiday and not find a run to do! Not a marathon, but a nice 10k to start off the holiday, which is always good to use as an excuse to eat and drink as much of whatever you want from there on. There weren’t many tourists taking part but we managed to scoop a trophy each to take home with us. A small write-up can be found over here.

Run4Troops Marathon – June 2015


Iowa in the middle of summer, it was never going to be easy. The heat and humidity were draining and made for a tough run. The organisers did a great job though and made sure all the runners got the liquids they needed. State #48 achieved and it took a lot of pushing but we also got the sub 4. Other big milestones were that it was my 70th marathon and Leah’s 60th! Full report here.

Vermont City Marathon – May 2015


We loved the Vermont City Marathon! Not only was it a great event and popular with the Maniacs group, but also with a long Memorial Day weekend we were able to actually relax for once after the run and truly enjoy the post-race beers. It also meant we didn’t feel even slightly guilty at consuming vast amounts of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream at the original iconic factory. All the details are here.

Conchas Lake Marathon – March 2015


Marathon #56 and I won it!! Ok, only 18 people took part, but I’ll still take it. Unexpectedly ran one of my fastest times and we both checked off our Sub 4 for New Mexico, a State that can be tough to run a good time in due to heat and elevation. Perhaps it helped that our rental car massaged us all the way there and back. Race report now online.


Maui Oceanfront Marathon – January 2015


We had a whale of a time (ha-ha) in Hawaii. It was humpback whale migration season so this marathon saw us running alongside the oceanfront on Maui island watching the whales leaping in and out of the water. This tropical paradise was more amazing than we had even imagined and we didn’t want to leave. We’ll never forget marathon #53. Full report here.

Tri States Marathon – November 2014


Marathon #48 saw us running the only marathon in the US that crosses 3 different States (no, it only counts for 1!). We started in Utah, ran through Arizona and finished in Nevada, running through spectacular desert scenery along with our friend Bob. The heat of the desert sun and the (unexpected) hills made this a tough race. However, I won my age group! Full write-up here.