Pilgrim Pacer Marathon – November 2014


Marathon #49 definitely didn’t go according to plan and was actually the only one in the year where we didn’t achieve sub 4 after initially setting out to. Set in Shawnee Mission Park, it was a nice picturesque marathon but it took place in below freezing weather with some snow and hail storms thrown in. Although we didn’t run sub 4 we completed the State, which 2 miles into the run seemed like a daunting enough task for me! Full details here.

Tri States Marathon – November 2014


Marathon #48 saw us running the only marathon in the US that crosses 3 different States (no, it only counts for 1!). We started in Utah, ran through Arizona and finished in Nevada, running through spectacular desert scenery along with our friend Bob. The heat of the desert sun and the (unexpected) hills made this a tough race. However, I won my age group! Full write-up here.

Marshall University Marathon – November 2014


Marathon #47 in West Virginia was special because of the history of the Marshall University Football team. Also with one of the best finishes ever, we ran into their stadium and then along the length of the football field holding an American football, all the way into the end zone for a touchdown! Uh, I mean, the race finish. Full write-up is now here.