Estes Park Marathon 2011 – Race Report

Marathon #9 : Estes Park Marathon 2011
12th June 2011, Estes Park, Colorado, USA
Finish Time = 4:38:09

Billed as “The highest paved marathon in the US”, the course was 8,150 feet above sea level. Lots of steep hills and blazing Colorado sun in the middle of June made this one of my toughest marathons. Leah ran the half as she wasn’t fully up to marathon distance yet.


Found this at the start, luckily I didn’t need it


Amazing views along the course





What I saw when I looked over my shoulder after running up a hill


You couldn’t ask for a more scenic marathon


Running the courses

Running the courses


Finished and smiling


Leah cools off in the shade after running the Half



Elevation Graph from Running Watch


Some tough climbs at altitude!


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